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Camilo Villegas

Professional Golfer

You know what, I'm more comfortable than ever in the last three years. I started working with Dr. Gio Valiante and things have improved a lot! I feel good over my putting. My game has improved. I feel more comfortable with myself and I'm just trying to keep learning and having fun!

Stuart Appleby

8 time PGA Tour Winner

After a week. I feel confident. My putting feels very free and very confident, and that's a beautiful place to be. You can make putts from there! I am putting much better, and my mental capabilities are only getting better and better.

Will Mackenzie

PGA Tour Winner

Dr. Gio Valiante screwed my head on right. Since working with Gio, I'm able to stay real committed and focused on a good target. I know I'm on the right track! Now I'm committed to the process of hitting shots, putting the past in the past, and believing in my own ability. So I'm just trying to work hard off the course and then free it up on the course!

Justin Leonard

8 time PGA Tour Winner

After six months of playing below my expectations, I began working with Dr. Valiante. He recognized my problems immediately due to his vast research on the PGA Tour with players such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. In my first two events under Gio's guidance, I was a new player!! I was playing with confidence and purpose!!

Chris DiMarco


"You know, my goal this week, obviously, like it is every week, is to try to win. I worked with Professor Gio Valiante this week. I talked to him every night this week. He helped me out. I can promise you, I did not hit one shot this week that I wasn't ready to hit.

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