Gio Valiante is one of the most prominent sport psychologists in the world. He has worked with many of the sport's top players, including Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose, Camilo Villegas, Sean O'Hair, Davis Love III, and Alexis Thompson. His clients over the past decade have won dozens of championships, and he has become the winningest sport psychologist on the PGA Tour during that time.


Gio Valiante was named one of the 40 most influential people in golf under age 40 by Golf magazine in 2011 and was dubbed Guru of the Year by the Golf Channel in 2010. His book Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game (Doubleday/Golf Digest, 2005) is a standard in golf psychology. He is a professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and serves as the mental game consultant for the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and the University of Florida.


Gio Valiante has become a consultant expert on the psychology of golf and is the author, with Mike Sta-chura, of Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game. The book includes anecdotes about great golfers like Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus, as well as contemporary top golfers. Valiante writes of the important role that overcoming tension-creating fear plays in perfecting the swing and how various golfers have overcome that fear. Library Journal reviewer Steve Silkunas commented that "Valiante is golf's equivalent of … Dr. Phil," the popular television psychologist.


As Jack Nicklaus once observed, fear is the golfer’s greatest enemy. It can turn you from a brilliant shot-maker on the practice range into an incompetent hack on the course. Most golfers understand this, but do not have the tools to overcome it. That’s where pioneering sports psychologist Dr Gio Valiante comes in. Having studied the sources of an athlete’s fear and its physiological and neurological impact on performance, he has developed a groundbreaking programme for conquering it.

Fearless Golf is the ultimate guide to the mental game.


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